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Most people can only dream of opening their mailbox day after day and finding it loaded with checks, money orders and cash. Why? Because mail order isn’t an easy business; it requires copywriting skills, mail management, list selection, printing and…well, expertise most of us don’t have.

On the other hand, if you had proven copy, top notch lists and the best production experts available to you, it would be hard to fail! Henry Ford knew he only needed the people to build his dream, he didn’t have to build it himself. And you don’t, either!

Now, for the first time ever, you have access to a proven Turn Key Business you can build your fortune with! Easy! Fast! Fun! And the total cost of just $224.95 gives you legal publishing rights to our copyrighted material. No ongoing payments, no hidden costs! No hassles.

You don’t have to talk with anyone or have any personal contact with anyone. In fact, you can manage your entire program with a single 5-minute phone call to a mailing and list service we provide. You can place just a few Tested Online Ad's and watch the orders come in. We have built your personal “Assembly Line” for you!

New Venture Online For most people that are willing to change their live's
You can educate yourself  how to become success and Have fun too!

Are you looking for an effective way for you to make money from your own home because you need extra money coming in for your family? Then it is time for you to find out how you can use direct marketing with online marketing so that you can easily begin earning an income at home with a business of your own.
Any good business that you select to start needs to provide the following for you so that you have an effective business building system from the beginning.
1. Postcards - Many people get online and begin a business of their own, but they never take time to consider that there are still many people offline that are not yet on the internet. You can take advantage of that to earn money by using direct marketing to get them interested in checking out your site.
You send them a postcard with information about your business and your website address in the postal mail, which is still one thing that everyone these days looks at. When they see your postcard, it will catch their attention and many will be curious enough to check it out.
2. Capture page - That is what you need to have a lead capture page for. Once they get on your site you need to be able to get in touch with them again without sending them another postcard. A lead capture page provides the perfect solution and it is free for you and them.
When they get to your site, it will provide them with something that they will find useful for free, such as, information and then they will provide their name and email address in order to learn more.
3. Auto responder - Once they have filled out this information, then your auto responder will keep track of everyone that signed up on your site. This is a very effective way for marketing a business because the people signing up are giving their consent for you to contact them again in the future.
That gives you the chance to contact them at any time with other offers that will make you money and can be helpful to them. Just be sure that what you are providing them, whether it is free or paid is good quality or you will begin to lose them one by one.
Now, this is the best way for anyone to begin a business of your own, you just need to find that one system that provides all of this into one package so you will know that you are going to successfully earn an income from it. Combining direct marketing with online marketing is definitely an overlooked, but powerful way to earn a great income from the comfort of your own home.